I forgot to mention in my last post that the researchers at Dana Farber are interested in studying my white blood cells to figure out why I responded so well to immunotherapy. I say study away!

Tim has always laid claim that he was a tiny bit descended from Black Foot Native Americans, something his mom told him. Very suspicious given his blond hair and blue eyes but what ever…..Shortly before Christmas we decided to test this theory and yup, we spit in tubes and sent them off for DNA testing. My results were shocking (not so much really), I am 96% Irish, 4% Northern European (hello Vikings!) and I have one great,great, great, great grandparent that was from Spain (Iberian Peninsula).

Tim on the other hand proved to have NO native American DNA. He is in fact Northern European (57% Irish/British and 26% French/German). I guess this means my kids are more Irish than I thought and we can no longer call him Pocahontas.

I have been busy with work lately, asked to sub for someone out with a death in the family plus my own team meetings. It’s been fun really to see so many former co-workers and catch up. This week is school vacation so I have lots of lunch dates lined up. Last night we dined with Head coconut and Evan—-they made seared scallops and risotto with home-made apple pie. I like this adulting thing!

We have been  watching all things Olympic–its our thing–I have watched the winter Olympics fanatically since Peggy Fleming won the gold medal in 1968 and I dreamed of being a figure skater. It never gets old for me.

We have also been on a quest to see the 9 movies nominated for Academy Awards. Gotta say that 3 Billboards is the best, followed by what should have been nominated, The Florida Project. The latter is what Walt Disney called the proposed theme park in Orlando before it became Disney World. It’s a movie about a heartbreaking 6-year-old living in poverty in the shadow of Disney.

We had an amazing engagement photo shoot for the kids at Queset House on a freezing day in late January. Tim made an incredibly beautiful video of the photo shoot but I can’t figure out how to share it here. It’s magical–a father’s love for his daughter.






We just planned a short trip to North Carolina in April to see family gathered there and a trip to Philadelphia for a conference and visit to Gettysburg (Tim’s dream). Wedding planning is full steam ahead. Time to start knitting again. Yes, I still sleep a lot. But, despite the mundane, I find the quiet in-between moments to be the ones that matter most. Of course there is the usual shenanigans but life doesn’t always have to be lived on a grand scale. Sometimes its the little things cobbled together that make it a whole.

So what have you all been up to?


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