Life in the Time of Corona: A Special F-You, I’m Really Kinda Mad About Some People’s Ideas About “Freedom” Edition

Written by Tim Bigelow

Semi-Thoughtful Musings

August 19, 2021: One of many recent days that should be free from Covid … but isn’t.

Let’s talk about freedom for a little bit. No, not freedom from want or fear. Not freedom from tyranny or oppression (although there are some who are touting this level of freedom so they can rant and rave about the utter inhumanity of mask or vaccination mandates).

No, I’m talking about the freedom I thought we were going to have as we moved on from this stupid Covid pandemic. The freedom we were all hoping for when we heard about the miraculous vaccines that our wonderful scientists were able to develop in record time. When we would reach the mythical herd immunity that would allow us to get together again, go to weddings and parties and trips to Europe or Baltimore.

But NOOOO!!!! No, no, no, no. That freedom has been delayed. Diverted…

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