You Say. Addendum.

Didn’t think you would hear from me so soon? What else am I doing in the time of Covid? When I last posted I was about to go on my panic attack about scans and such. Well, I was scanned and examined, blood was drawn, and tumor markers totaled. The news you ask? I continue to be without evidence of any cancer activity but….I have Covid-19 pneumonia, a broken 10th rib and an enlarged thyroid (for the 3rd time)! To me, this news is fantastic! As my friend Stephen said, those problems in the past would have indicated a very bad day but this is awesome. Let’s not forget I was treated and had surgery for lung cancer in October so the finding of pneumonia is not that unreasonable although it was one of my biggest fears about contracting Covid. It means I need to continue to lie low physically and take care of myself (hello Tim). How did I break my 10th rib? Who knows, maybe all that coughing. It seems that every time I am scanned they find something broken, kinda like life. The enlarged thyroid? They already scheduled an ultra sound next week before I see my endocrinologist /oncologist on the same day which will undoubtedly lead to another biopsy. Did I mention the part about managing my medical problems is a full time job? All and all, I will take this news as very acceptable. Anything is better than back to the dungeon for chemo.

Life here rolls along, the days melting together. It was punctuated last night by a beautiful snowfall that left everything shimmering and white. My scan results mean less urgency about conquering the world and that I will make it to my 5 years anniversary in March of being cancer and treatment free—the unicorn of Metastatic Breast Cancer world. We continue to hibernate and like everyone, wait for better days. Here in Massachusetts, Tim and I are both in phase two of the vaccination rollout if they procure enough of the magic stuff. Not something we can control or worry about since we have immunity until April 1, at least.  We are not special, our opportunity will come. I am appalled however by the scamming and line jumping out there covered in the nightly news. Those people deserve a special seat in hell.

I love the fresh air after a new snow fall, the crunch of boots, the sounds of plows, the laughing of children. I want to focus on that here in a our cocoon. Baby Jack is well, 5 months old  and has a new sled that Nana bought him for his first real snow adventure later today. Head coconut plans to return to the ER next week after 9 months away.  Little coconut continues to rule Instagram with her healthy living and wellness stuff while she studies to become a personal trainer, assisted by her pup, Sadie. We are good. What do you say?



  1. Omg – you are a warrior queen and I bow to you!, sending you all my love, prayers and positive energy for good results on your biopsy.. and lots of extra snuggle time with Jack! ❤️🙏💙😘❤️🙏💙😘

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