You don’t know Jack!

Apparently I offended “someone” (read Jack) in my last blog post when I jokingly mentioned my closest friends. For once and all time—-Jack is my life long best friend, brother from another mother, BFF, needle in my side and whatever else. I have reassured him that he is really my family–we were born 10 days apart in the same hospital and met when we were 17. That is a looong time to be BFFS!!!! Now that we have that cleared up, onto other things!!image


I have been healing and rehabbing around the clock here at home. That means lots of therapy between visits from peeps. One goal I had was to make it to the Faculty cookout–hurrah, Bridget picked me up and delivered me unscathed so that I was able to say hello and thank you to so many people who have been pulling their oars in my direction. Exhausting but exhilarating–I needed a long nap after that. imageOn Father’s Day weekend I felt strong enough to brave an outing and really, how long can I stay in my house? Pretty easy with a handicapped plate, a cane and 3 other people–we drove to the garage at Rowe’s Wharf, zipped up the elevator and the crew of the Adirondack schooner were more than happy to lift me up and over the rail for an afternoon of sailing. This was followed by late lunch on the waterfront with Kelsey and Evan or “Kevan” as I like to say—-the best! The coconuts are splitting up this month–Kelsey is moving out to a swanky new place and Bridget is getting a new roommate. Too bad they can’t cut the dog in half, just sayin.

Everyday I feel stronger and more able to move about unassisted as I check off my goals. That’s why it surprises me that people are surprised to see me. I guess if you get as sick as I did folks start to expect you to be in an oxygen tent with tubes everywhere. Hah! I do think it is funny that at the Rehab Hospital they had a lot of simulations to get me ready to go home, like how to get in and out of a car and empty a dish washer. When they took me to the simulated grocery store and told me to push a shopping cart while I imagecollected faux groceries, I said “why?” Anyone who knows me knows I never grocery shop!



Last week the psychologists came over for lunch and cake for our pregnant Kelly. Visits with TJ, Lisa and Deb, lots of laughing. imageThis too was a good week. Jack and Sid came for lunch, we had lobstahs with Sharon and John and our old babysitter, Kait, came from Australia to see me. Actually her brother was getting married but that’s not the point.

Bootys by Brabants is getting ready for their annual Bootys for the Battle on July 23 at the Seaport to raise money for METavivor–more on that next time.

We have been in limbo waiting for the next shoe to drop. Tuesday we ventured to Cancer House to discuss all things ME. Apparently and without reason the Pembro tipped my immune system into attacking my cancer (along with everything else) and continues to do so. My scans were significant and Doc Rachel feels I can continue the honeymoon until my next scans. Without tumor progression, why over-treat and destroy my quality of life or QOL as we cancer peeps like to say. She followed that up by stating we should go away and take a vacation. What? Music to my ears–I hear violins somewhere. After Blanket and I recovered from that, she mentioned my adrenal glands have not woken up and I continue to need steroids, especially if stressed by sickness or a procedure. Lastly she told us I probably won’t be returning to work just yet, more rehab and rest needed. I get that—-I sleep 12 hours a day and nap, still no weight gain. I have lots of time to think on that and readjust my expectations. Yeah, moving on. Time to contemplate where one might go on vacation that can accommodate all that sleeping. Nice!image


On a sour note, my cat, Bella was hit by a truck last week in front of the house and died instantly. Always the good with the bad. The yin and yang of life. I miss her terribly as do my other cats.


I just have to say it–I cannot take Donald Trump. He sucks at life and as a human. Done.image

This weekend is the fourth of July and the celebration of all things American. The weather is cooperating and we are going to the Cape to Shawn and Diana’s–my first trip away from home. Bridget took me shopping for new clothes that actually fit. I am loading up on sun block, Tim needs a break for sure and the chance to have someone else be in charge. Wave those red, white and blue flags high, be kind to a veteran, be careful with fireworks and wear a life-preserver! America is great, dammit!


Happy July,


Barbara and Blanket and the coconuts



  1. Wonderful read, as usual. I can’t imagine who would admit to being offended by you mentioning best friends, but I hope they get over it. Glad to see the color back in those cheeks! If the Pembro keeps killing the cancer, it could be the best awful thing that ever happened to you! 😜💚💜💛💙💖

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  2. So sorry I missed you at the cookout Barbara! Glad you’re getting a break from the chemo and that you are able to get away for the holiday. Enjoy!

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  3. I love how you move forward… I think this blog is wonderful and I’m glad you’re heading to the cape for the long weekend… enjoy!! Happy 4th!!!

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  4. I don’t know Jack either 😉 You sound awesome! Sorry I missed you at the luncheon. Enjoying summer and happy to know you are to. 🇺🇸🐟🏖🗽🛥🎉


  5. So glad about your scans !!! Now you & Tim can go on vacation !! I’m sorry about your cat. It’s truly impressive that you are able to so solidly embrace the yin & yang , the opposites of life. Sun & fun for you guys . Happy July!🌞🙏

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    1. Hey!!! So happy you are getting around and truly enjoying your family and many friends. Hope your 4th was awesome and same for the rest of July! And for what it’s worth, knowing how you back up your conclusions with evidence first hand, I think you just might as good at writing an editorial column as you are a school psychologist (and you are a REALLY good one at that)!!!

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