Love is In Need of Love Today

I wasn’t planning to blog today but in light of the events in Paris last night I had to say something. Why do people do this stuff in the name of God/Allah? Isn’t there enough bad stuff to deal with, like cancer and child abuse and a million others things? I am having a hard time finding my usual funny perspective–kinda like getting knocked over by a huge wave and trying to swim back to shore despite the shortness of breath.


Let’s focus on the high points of last week. Always a good week with a holiday in the middle, especially one that salutes all of the brave and courageous men and women who fought for our freedom and liberty, like my Dad, a purple heart Marine who was blown up in the Pacific. Let’s focus on that and not those cowards in Paris that targeted our young people at play.


Tuesday night I had a lovely girl’s night with some of my favorite women at my favorite Mexican restaurant–hard not to love that especially when the  large private party next to us had just come from a funeral. That’s where I would head after a funeral–a mariachi bar, my kinda people. image


Beautiful flowers were delivered to me from my guidance peeps with my favorites–roses and my favorite colors—pinks, blues and purples. “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf is a little dated but the version by Lady Gaga is pretty stunning. Check it out!image


Stephen nominated me and I was selected as the Badass Chick of the Week on 103.3, The–the link is below if you want to hear it–I am pretty sure everyone is pretty sick of my campaign to educate everyone about Metastatic Breast Cancer and donate to but I am not going to stop any time soon—-it eases my depression and shifts my focus in a positive way toward fighting back. So there, take that!

Tonight is dinner with old friends, Kathy and Gib. Tomorrow morning is round two of chemotherapy at Cancer House followed by “Carol King:Beautiful, The Musical”–tickets so generously given to us by Kristin. I used to feel afraid to plan things in advance because of my condition–screw it! I booked our trip to Aruba for Elizabeth’s wedding in May. Let’s be optimistic people!!!!image

On my bucket list? I just found out Sam Hunt is coming with Kenny Chesney next summer. Now if I could figure out a way for him to meet the little coconut, Bridget–that would be awesome.


Continuing my list:

27. Favorite TV Show? I Love Lucy of course. Sons of Anarchy–surprised? So violent but hey, the world is violent, as we are learning every day. Lost, Game of Thrones, Homeland.



Got nothing else–too sad about the people in Paris. I’ll get better, but will they? Keep praying for peace.

Mes pensées et mes prières sont avec le peuple de Paris. Des larmes, pas de mots. 🇫🇷

Love one another,



  1. Thank you for posting Barbara. You’re truly and always a beam I look toward.
    Your week was such a good one and I’m so glad we were able to get together with the rowdies. But then we all were stopped in our tracks and stunned, once again, by the ugly, monstrous cowards. Beyond sad that Stevie’s words are more pertinent than ever.

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