Girl Interrupted

First some business. If you would like to follow my blog you can scroll to the bottom of a post and you should see a little blue box on the bottom of the page on the right side. If you hit “follow” it will pop up a box where you can input your e-mail and it will e-mail you every time I post. Thank you Sharon Beals for asking.

I am blogging primarily for my children but you are welcome to come along for the ride. It is not mandatory reading. That said, how am I doing with this whole blog thing? Too much, too little, too self-absorbed? It is all about me after all! Feedback appreciated (except those OAHS English teachers with their red pens–they scare me). Still learning….

Now we resume regular programming…….




  1. Barbara, I’ve been reading your blog. Hope it helps you a tiny bit to know that there is one more rooting for you. Your strength and honesty is crazy impressive! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

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  2. Hi Barbara
    I love reading your blog. It helps keep me informed without having to ask you all the time, “How are you feeling!” (Even though I usually do ask!) It also tells me what I already know and that is that you are an Amazing, Brave, and Wonderful woman who I feel so blessed to know.
    Chris Rogers

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  3. I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I find them refreshingly real and meaningful. I am learning and growing with you!
    You should know, I also continue to keep you and your family in my daily prayers. I ask for your highest and best, health and wellness😘

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  4. Hey Barbara hope you are planning to take more rest time this week (not meaning to tell you what to do; sounds like the girls and Tim know how to take charge). Good week to stop and look at all of nature budding again. We had a long ride back from Philadelphia with Jackson yesterday going through the history of music through our collective years. It was great to be with him happy again after a difficult year and knowing he will be in Boston next year. One thing I like about rap (Jackson takes full responsibility for influencing me) is the borrowing of old songs. With this summery weather check out the transition of Summertime from porgy and bess, sung by Nina Simone or Janis Joplin then listen to Doin’ time by sublime. Hope to see you soon if the white blood count cooperates. Lots of love

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