Colder Weather

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finished our 6 weeks of  driving the Sea to Sea 4 Metavivor RV around New England and then to DC for the Stampede/Die In and MBC Awareness Day. I’m sure you’re all happy too since instead of blogging I did a live feed on FB!! It was a fun but exhausting tour with 2 conferences, 2 weddings and a trip to Arizona in the middle. This year campaigning on Capital Hill we got to mentor a first time couple and they did smashingly! That is the kind of work that interests me most, sharing what I have learned in this never ending path through MBC. To that end I am still administering a private FB group for people with brain mets although I do not have them (don’t ask–long story). It’s been a rewarding experience and I’ve only had to kick one person out for trying to sell snake oil. The women in the group are feisty and strong but very empathic. I like that–no fighting.

As for my own personal medical saga—I had two thyroid biopsies 6 weeks apart because of atypical cells. Thankfully the genetic testing came back benign so I get to keep that sucker! I had bone density testing done and I have age appropriate osteopenia despite all the broken ribs and sacrum, the only time I have ever been age appropriate. Lastly, I was diagnosed with melanoma in situ on my lower right leg that resulted in surgery to remove it. I also have a basal cell carcinoma under my eye so I will be having MOHs surgery later this month to remove that. Hoping one eye doesn’t look face lifted! What does this all mean? It means I grew up on a beach before sunblock was a thing and baby oil with iodine was ok. Lots of sunburns. So when you see me next on the beach in a burka you’ll know why. Oh, and the coconuts now have to be checked too and believe me, they love tanning. That should be fun. It also means I have spent a lot of time at Dana Faber this past month or so and believe me it is never a fun place to hang out despite the cushy couches and swanky fixtures. They have the worst food in their cafeteria I gotta say. My medical team seems to be expanding as well, never a good thing.

Enough about that, I thought I should mention Halloween. This year the whole family decided to dress up with an Alice in Wonderland theme  as we trick or drinked our way around the neighborhood. Already thinking about next year’s theme!

My leg surgery has had me laid up a bit which definitely got me out of Thanksgiving duties while I swanned on the couch and mocked Hallmark movies with my adult neice. That was nice. Today we were hit with our first real snow storm so it’s been fun to watch the frantic pace of pulling boats out of the water at the marina we live over. The blanket of snow is beautiful despite the dreaded darkness at this time of year and the jump forward into Christmas. Time for crockpotting!

Speaking of Christmas….we gifted little coconut early with a rescue puppy! We are all so in love with little Sadie and her antics! After Bridget was mugged while we were away in Arizona, we felt she needed some companionship, and when Kelsey suggested it we jumped.  I haven’t seen the little one so happy in a long time! Arf! Head coconut and husband also just returned from a last hurrah in the Canary Islands before winter.

Next week we head to San Antonio for the Breast Cancer Symposium. I am being sponsored by Esai to give a fireside chat with my buddy, Terlisa, on the emotional challenges of dealing with MBC. Yup, I know a lot about that! There will also be a swanky dinner and a business breakfast but the work is already done and Metavivor will be inveiling the new #this is mbc project, Beneath the Breast, that we did way back in April at the Jersey Shore. It is more fun behind the scenes this year and it is a very social time for us, not so much work. 

Tim is back to swimming at the Y and I am tentatively working with my lovely trainer until my stitches come out Friday. Yes, another trip to DF for that. But….life goes on and the snow has mostly settled. Next scans are in January so I can hold off worrying about that.

Hoping the colder weather hasn’t defeated you yet. It is weird not to be praying for a snow day anymore now that I’m retired. Every day is a snow day here at the beach.

See ya next time, Ho Ho Ho.

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  1. So happy to hear from you again. Miss your blogs and Im not on facebook so cant follow you on that. Sounds like you have been quite busy doing a lot of great work. Sorry they found skin cancer but better to find it than not right? Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

    Take Care,

    [image: photo] *Peggy Crowley*

    Secretary to Principal

    Oliver Ames High School

    508-230-3210, ext. 1400

    On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 4:44 PM The Cancer Chronicles wrote:

    > barbigelow posted: ” I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finished our > 6 weeks of driving the Sea to Sea 4 Metavivor RV around New England and > then to DC for the Stampede/Die In and MBC Awareness Day. I’m sure you’re > all happy too since instead of blogging I did a live ” >

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