So much to say after such a long break from the blogosphere! I’ve been busy!

First, we had a very successful time in Washington DC with Metavivor and MET-UP holding a die in and lobbying on capital hill for funding research and waiving the wait time to receive Medicare coverage. It was a fast and hectic trip but we squeezed in a few touristy things and visited the American History Museum for the first time since I was about 11. We made new friends and remembered the old ones. Its been a sad few weeks in Cancer land with some awful losses of very young women to MBC.

Next up was our big move, after 30 years, to Onset, Ma. We are definitely “off the deep end, far from the shallow now.” The move was exhausting complicated by an eye infection that evolved into a cyst, and the wettest Autumn in New England on record! I was fighting a lot of tears and sadness, especially when the movers could not fit our bedroom furniture up the stairs. The bureaus sat forlornly all over our living room with the boxes and the very unhappy cats. Fortunately my son-in-law to the rescue! Evan and Tim took apart the furniture in order to get it up the stairs and Evan did significant painting throughout the house.

Thankfully, the coconuts have been around a lot helping with design and shopping and getting us settled. I am a bit melancholy due to the miserable weather and missing the comfort of home town life but Tim and I have had a sunset cocktail most nights up in our third floor loft overlooking the ocean and we have had coffee every morning in our sun room watching the happenings at the marina. The sound of the wenches as they pull the boats out of the water and power wash them to get ready for winter storage has a certain comfort to it. It reminds me of being a kid and hanging around the docks. Unfortunately we still haven’t sold our old house. Tim purchased a St. Joseph medal this week to bury by the front door in hopes it helps us sell!

We have joined the local library, figured out where the nearest ER is, visited the movie theater, checked out a bunch of restaurants and found the big stores we like to frequent. I have found a personal trainer who lives one street over and I meet with her tomorrow.  Our next door neighbor had a party and invited us so we met some new folks. Last Saturday there was a fund-raiser for the Onset Beautification Club at a local restaurant and we managed to win a silent auction original painting by a well-known local artist. So…we are finding the tender mercies and our way.

We finally managed to meet up with our Boston Mets Sisters at a brunch in Quincy. It has been hard to coordinate schedules but it was a success! We are planning a holiday get together in a few weeks. Tim has to drive me so it’s fun to have the thorn amongst the roses.

Due to the timing of our move, Bridget and Noah offered to host Thanksgiving at their apartment in Southie for the first time. It was a huge success, blending 3 families and a friend. Little coconut decorated beautifully and Tim and I cooked, Kelsey baked, and it was lovely. Lots of laughter!

Next week we are off to San Antonio for SABCS with Bridget to man the Metavivor booth and unveil the Elements/This is MBC Project. Our photos from North Carolina will be featured (man that water was cold!) along with the other participants so we are very excited. Kind of a mini-vacation for Tim and me!

My next scans will hopefully be in January after Dr. Rachel wrangles some more with my insurance. Until then I am not going to worry and continue to focus on the blessings at hand. We have much to be thankful for in 2018.

Love from the circus!



  1. You don’t know me but I’m a almost 22 year survivor of stage 1 BC diagnosed at 33. Having some recent bad lower back pain and found myself down the rabbit hole of fear of recurrence (yes still a thing even after so long) In madly googling symptoms of Mets I somehow found your blog and have spent several hours reading. I just wanted to say you are an inspiration in so many ways. Your journey with MBC, your advocacy and activism, your obvious love of life, your family, friends, kids, travels music etc. I share your hatred of Trump and your love of music – (I’m a bit younger than you (55) but have many favorite songs in common.). I’m divorced and live in NYC and have an 18 year old son. I’m envious of your loving marriage and wish I had a Blamket in my life. I just wanted to let you know that you really touched me during a sleepless night filled with worry and I will continue to follow you and hope for your continued remission for years to come. I am probably headed for an MRI soon but through your blog, I realize that even if I do have mets, there is a lot of life to live. You’ve given me hope. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself To your health, Carolyn in NYC

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