Happy Thanks-Giving

First a word: a friend told me she did not get my whole blog last time–the part about our trip to Aruba. If you didn’t see it and would like to read about it you will have to go back to “Blue Ain’t My Color” and reload it. Sorry:(

My request for people to help me celebrate by donating $5 to my webpage at Metavivor.org was a huge success. We raised $2,658 already! My web page is now listed on the right side of my blog if you need it. Merry Christmas! Thank you!!


Now for the important stuff:

ABDOMEN/PELVIS: There is no suspicious focal FDG uptake
associated with the liver. There is no significant
lymphadenopathy. The right kidney is atrophic, hydronephrotic,
and nonfunctioning. There is stable soft tissue associated with
the right lower pole of the kidney, best seen on coronal images,
with SUV max 1.2, previously 1.4.

MUSCULOSKELETAL: There is no FDG-avid or destructive bone lesion.

IMPRESSION: There are no new sites of FDG-avid disease.

There is no suspicious focal FDG uptake within the liver.

As you can see from my Pet Scan, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. As we went around the table and asked everyone what they were thankful for it kept coming back to this: I am here and alive and well!!! There were enough days when that didn’t look like a possibility. Of course I again admonished them that no one paid attention when I made the gravy. That recipe is in my head and I may not be around next Thanksgiving; then they will really miss me!








I am excited to be well and most likely returning to work come January 2, 2017. Hopefully I can figure out a way to sleep and work but not at the same time.








Elizabeth B. asked me to write something for the mesothelioma warrior blog about what I am thankful for. That is what follows.

PS the video clip below is for Carol Augustyniak. She is a huge fan of Adele.

This thanksgiving I am grateful for the best days of my life: my wedding day and the 2 days I gave birth to my daughters. From those 3 days, my life has been filled with love and abundance. I have known the sweetest of joys that allowed me to weather the rainiest of days: my cancer diagnosis, recurrence and treatment. I have learned that the sun always comes back out and the love and support of my family and friends is steadfast and unshakeable. I have received more love than I thought possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Barbara, Tim, Kelsey and Bridget

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