Where did we last leave off? Oh , ya, the week of one cancer death after another (except for Glen Frey). Well this past week I wrestled with a monster head cold. So happy it was not caused by chemo because I felt so terrible but really, it sucked!


So 17 days after starting my new treatment I have lost 7 pounds and 50% of my hair. Ya, that. Dr. Rachel said most patients lose their hair slowly over a couple of months but I am an over achiever. My hair is falling out in clumps everywhere. My bathroom looks like an Alaskan Husky lives in it. I expect I will be fully bald by Tuesday or Wednesday, way faster than I was ready for. It’s a lot to cope with because I will now be wearing my cancer on the outside like a scarlet letter C. I much prefer being invisible, under the radar when out in the world. I started telling peeps I see daily to prepare them–it is a shock to go from the land of hair to complete baldness so I figured I’d give them fair warning. Most of my peeps just looked at me blankly–really there is no good thing to say to someone who has just told you that. Anyway, Bridget called my hairdresser to see if she could update/re-style my wig. If not, Tim wants me to get a new wig prescription though I doubt I will actually wear one. My knitting master gave me a beautiful hat she had knitted for good karma. I ordered some chemo hats on-line. Tuesday I have chemo accompanied by the lovely Kelsey and we may meet up with my sister-in-law Diana to visit the oncology shop at BIDMC. Such fun, NOT!imageimageWe have been listening to David Bowie’s new album Black Star all weekend–it is fascinating, and watching lots of movies while the snow falls– I am feeling better and stronger–I will take it!


We had a great dinner out last Sunday night, despite my cold, with our buddies. Bill and Carla fought the imagesnow yesterday to come for lunch. Kris called with news that she scored Adele tickets for us in September–guess I gotta stick around for that. Big Patriots game today–going to a local restaurant with the gang to watch a little later. Knitting a complicated man cowl for Tim in charcoal grey. Jack may come up next weekend. I just booked 3 days at the Mt. Washington Resort for April vacation. We are also thinking about driving to Philadelphia in April for the MBC conference, I have two weddings ahead–lots to look forward to and to make new memories. Bald or not I am going to keep going and being awesome.








  1. Prayers & love coming your way. I know your struggle, I am Susan . I am looking for a new chemo , it will be my sixth chance. I am currently doing brain radiation. We have such a nasty disease.

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  2. Without a doubt, you are the awesomest! 😍
    Don’t know what I would do about the hair if it was me, there are many days I thought be hairless would be so much easier, no bad hair days. But then, I don’t have to think about it.
    Glad you are continuing to get out and have fun with your friends. And ADELE!!! YES! That will be awesome! Stay warm. ☃❄️🌞💚😍

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  3. Always loving thoughts for you and your family. Hope to see you soon. Love that you have so many beautiful friends and continue to enjoy the good times with them. Godspeed my friend.

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