Pocketful of Sunshine

imageimageimageimageI know you have all been wondering about my insanely cute younger daughter, Bridget. Yeah that. Things started off promisingly until we waited outside for lunch at Farmer’s Daughter and watched someone  rear end my beloved Jeepy. After I got over the initial shock I realized my elbow was bleeding for no particular reason, maybe I jumped up too quickly when I saw Jeepy get whacked. Later that afternoon I discovered the crystal on my favorite watch was chipped–what the heck is happening? Okay, enough about ME.

Today I took the girl for an ultrasound at a local hospital. They could feel but not see the lump on the ultrasound and the nervous radiologist didn’t advise a mammogram given her age and greater risk from early exposure to the secret rays. I understood that from way back in my own misguided youth–dense breasts and all that. I say nervous because he seemed unsure of himself which I suspect was because I am Stage 4 and probably know a lot more about this fun stuff than him. Plus I was older than him! It did bug me though that he looked at me, not her, when he was talking.

My gut told me there is probably nothing to worry about here but the lioness in me will leave no stone unturned in the quest for assurance that my girl is okay. So, I thanked him and asked for a CD of the ultrasound and promptly booked an appointment at Dana Farber with my breast surgeon for a follow-up conversation with an actual expert (as the radiologist vigorously nodded his head at the news of this plan). Really guys, I am not worried, just very, very thorough when it comes to my girls.

Fourth of July weekend was fabulous. Lots of time outside with friends and loved ones, food, fireworks and fun (except when Bill and Carla tried to kill me on their boat with a wind defying sail across Buzzards Bay) . I am feeling pretty great this round of chemo–just nausea so far that is weirdly helped by eating bready stuff. No complaints, especially since school is finally winding down and I am starting to get into a vacation state of mind.

Now onto BIG news! Booty by Brabants, the official brand of my beloved Kelly Brabants, and her sisters, Liz and Kristen, are having a huge fund-raiser for Metastatic Breast Cancer in my honor. All of the proceeds will be donated to the MBCN (Metastatic Breast Cancer Network) which is a patient run self advocacy and awareness organization for people like me–metsters, lifers, dead women walking. This is very important as people like me do not get much attention or research funding—the invisible non-survivors no one really like to hear about and what every woman alive is most afraid of. I know, its dark people but it’s real!!!!!

The fund-raiser is August 8 from 2 to 4 at the George Forman Gym in Boston. Oh, just see the poster below for the information. There will be a Booty class, raffles, refreshments and surprises. Please come!!!! It’s $30 to take the Booty by Brabants class but if you do not want to take the class–it is free—just show up!! I would love to see you and help make their inaugural effort huge!!! They have worked hard–me, not so much!!

My song: Natasha Bedingfield

“Pocketful of Sunshine” for my girl




  1. I’m breathing a hesitant sigh of relief regarding Bridget, but as a mother myself, understand your lioness-like intuition. Get to the truth!
    As for the fundraiser, I will be sending in my donation with bells, wishing I could be there to get my ass kicked by Kelly! ❤️❌⭕️💘


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